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Electroplating Know-How Basics

A Two-Day Training Program in the Fundamental Principles of Electroplating

A portion of the famous, industry recognized Kushner Electroplating School training materials is now available for you in a two-day training program. This practical, two-day training program is designed to give you a better understanding of the basic principles and practices of electroplating.


Seminar Schedule

Online 2016 Online
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*Note the Warwick RI Seminar requires additional transportation as the seminar is not held at the hotel call us for more information.

Who Should Attend:

  • Operators interested in learning more about the operations they  perform
  • Technical/Sales Representatives who sell into the electroplating  industry
  • Purchasing Agents and individuals who purchase electroplated components and parts
  • Engineers requiring a better understanding of plating operations
  • Executives in the plating industry requiring a better understanding of plating operations 


Some of the Topics Covered:

  • The mathematics of electroplating
  • Electrochemistry of electroplating
  • Environmental issues in plating
  • Plating cycles
  • Testing procedures
  • Corrosion fundamentals
  • Chemistry of electroplating
  • Safety in plating operations
  • The equipment of electroplating
  • Cleaning and rinsing techniques
  • Overview of selected metal finishing processes
  • Troubleshooting principles

Training Materials:

Each participant receives a complete training manual and black and white copies of transparencies used in the program. The training manual is yours to use as reference material after completion of the training program.

About the Instructor: Steven Gilbert

Mr. Gilbert has been involved with the metal finishing industry for more than 25 years. While still in his teens, Steve was a hands-on plater in a job shop, then, after a 20-year career in the electronics industry, Steve entered into technical sales were he enjoyed providing technical services and troubleshooting assistance to both existing and new finishing facilities. Steve has progressed to his current management position as Vice President for Luster-On Inc., where he continues to remain active with customers and technical services. Steve earned his Master Surface Finisher (MSF) certificate from the Association of Electroplaters and Surface Finishers (AESF) in 2008.

Fees:   2 Day Electroplating Know-How Basics

The total enrollment fee for  this two-day program is $975.00.  If three or more individuals from the same organization enroll at the same time, the fee is $875.00 per individual.  Lunch and hotel accommodations are not included.

Fees:   Electroplating Know-How Basics Online

The total enrollment fee for the Online Course is $895.00.  If three or more individuals from the same organization enroll at the same time, the fee is $795.00 per individual. 


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